This is a pseudo-chapter of the webcomic Best Friends Forever.


hi everyone. author here. chapter 24 was the last official chapter of BFF. for whatever reason I wanted to put up a synopsis of what the rest of the story would've been like, in case anyone is curious. here it is.

in case you didn't understand, teddy was lying just now. he really liked kissing vincent, but doesn't think they can really be a couple because of his doubts about himself and the differences between them. vincent takes things pretty much at face value, so he's considering himself friendzoned. he's about to get extremely distracted from his crush because...

“right now” in the story kamri is pregnant, and vincent is the father. (for eagle-eyed readers, she was sick during the skiing trip because of this.)

her religious family finds out and forces her to carry it to term. kamri wants nothing to do with the baby, and vincent insists he’ll take it - he never had a dad, and doesn’t want his child to suffer the same fate.

as vincent distracts himself with baby drama, teddy gets pulled into penelope’s troubles - her online boyfriend shows up, and he’s older and not a great guy. in trying to get her away from him, teddy inadvertently alienates himself from penny, and with vincent’s attention elsewhere, he ends up a bit lonely.

once it comes out that his best friend is pregnant with his FWB’s baby (yikes) louis cuts things off with vincent, and things are kind of awkward. there are still feelings between them, and with both of them doting on kamri there is some weird tension. there may be some more hooking up, which makes kamri feel like a really shitty pregnant third wheel.

trying to avoid her usual social circle (things are just… different now) kamri ends up striking up an unlikely friendship with penelope. kamri, experienced with boys, is the one who ultimately gets penelope to see the light about her creepy boyfriend. kamri and penny stay friends and i definitely shipped them lmao.

bitter that penelope listened to kamri but not him, teddy further alienates himself from penny. he ends up in a very dark and isolated place. he’s going to be valedictorian and has a bright future at an ivy league college, but at WHAT COST??? its lonely at the top bb!! his dad is also continuing to pressure him and poke at his weak points as usual.

when he reaches out to vincent, he gets a very avoidant response - he’d never admit it, but vincent is still ashamed of having been rejected, and is still trying to distract himself with everything. teddy is alone again, and he questions his own feelings and actions.

the tension between louis and vincent reaches a boiling point - vincent grabs louis by the shoulders and frantically proposes they get married and adopt this baby. louis runs for the fucking hills. literally nothing could be more terrifying to him than marrying his highschool fling and becoming a suburban minivan gay. truthfully, vincent doesn’t really want this either, but is super fucking overwhelmed and just kind of panicking and trying to hold onto something. woof. it’s not easy, but eventually they decide they’re better off as just friends. they also realize what a shitty, awkward position they’ve been putting kamri in.

dark, lonely teddy, feeling he has nothing to lose, starts hanging out with john (of all people). john is still eager to apologize and make amends with teddy for bullying him, but teddy kind of just wants to smoke his weed and deride him, which he takes dutifully. (john is lonely himself with louis concerned more with vincent and kamri.)

during the weird, somber conversations they have… teddy starts to admit he might feel something for vincent, but he’s convinced any romance between them would be doomed. losing his virginity to penny didn’t improve his poor self image.

surprisingly, john relates. he also feels unfit to be loved for various reasons, including body image. these two end up having a lot to talk about.

teddy kind of stops giving a fuck. he’s smoking a lot of weed and his grades are slipping. he shrugs it off, senioritis. his parents are furious but teddy is sickly enjoying it - he’s having his little rebellion.

feeling badly for teddy but knowing his depressed ass can’t really help, john tells louis to tell vincent (lmao) to do something about his so-called “best friend”. vincent doesn’t really take this seriously and stubbornly continues to basically ignore teddy. vincent thinks john couldn’t know what he’s talking about and is lowkey disgusted to hear teddy could be hanging out with his former bully.

what finally makes vincent worry is when teddy sparks up a blunt during his valedictorian speech, in front of literally the whole school. (louis is the only one who thinks this rules)

dr.b cuts teddy off from the family fortune then and there. vincent doesn’t know what to say, so he just asks teddy to come with him. they drive.

they come to a shitty apartment complex. kamri’s baby is going to be born over the summer, and vincent is renting a place here in anticipation of becoming a single dad. he tells teddy he can stay on the couch if he has nowhere else to go. but he can’t drink or smoke here - not around the future baby. he has to kick his habits.

teddy, too tired to care, accepts this fate for the moment. he and vincent aren’t exactly on great terms but this will have to do for now.

living in poverty and being a roommate doesn’t really suit him at first. he’s forced to get a job and ends up working in food service, which also really doesn’t suit him. but now that vincent can’t ignore him anymore, the two are forced to slowly start working through the problems in their friendship.

eventually, they become close enough again that vincent ends up bringing him along to one of kamri’s last OBGYN visits.

kamri happens to have invited penny. most awkward wlw/mlm solidarity moment ever

but seeing the ready-to-pop baby on the ultrasound, and seeing vincent see it, teddy realizes how real this all is. how he hasn’t been the only one struggling with shit.

he ends up apologizing to vincent and they have a tender conversation that ends with a very awkward but much-needed hug. also… teddy offers, if vincent wants, to help with the baby. they could be a team. vincent tearfully accepts.

summer wanes. all of their friends leave for fancy colleges. once the baby is born, kamri and louis leave for a gap year in europe lol. before john goes he tries to apologize to teddy for getting him into weed and into trouble, but teddy just kind of shakes him off and tells him its fine and to have a nice life. he has a freakin baby to worry about now fuck you john

vincent and teddy are now co-parents and roommates. its hard, but also sweet. they really bond over their trials and tribulations trying to navigate impoverished parenthood.

at first.

but it kind of gets old.

the baby won’t stop crying and shitting.

they start getting on each other’s nerves.

teddy can’t fucking figure out the public transportation system. groceries cost too much money. their landlord doesn’t give a shit what breaks or leaks or explodes. all their friends are having fun being freshmen in college, and seem to be rubbing it in their faces.

when things are at their worst, teddy’s dad decides to drop in. he can’t believe how his son is living, and tells him he can stop playing house if he wants - he’s managed to grease the wheels at a good college - not an ivy, but a good college - and he can start next year. his life can go completely back to rich boy normal, and he can put this unfortunate period of his life behind him.

teddy tells him to get fucked.

later, vincent wonders why teddy didn’t leave him and take the deal.

teddy is quiet for a long time. but eventually explains he cares too much about this family. about… vincent.

they’re both like crying and weird and finally teddy is like “i love you, vincent. i have for a long time. i’ve just been too scared to let myself feel it.” he acknowledges how his poor self esteem and his self doubt contributed to his fears.

vincent hugs him tight. he loves him too. they love each other. they agree to start dating - but the baby still has to be their priority.

life is still hard, but their new romantic relationship injects some much-needed energy into their circumstances. the errands that seemed exhausting before are a bit nicer done while holding hands. making dinner together isn’t so grueling if they’re play-flirting the whole time. eventually, teddy is even sleeping in the bed with vincent instead of on the couch. they are spooning!! teddy gets a new job delivering food. maybe they can actually do this thing.

and that’s when the baby falls terribly ill. nothing terminal, but there is no space for medical bills in their paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. they can’t pay their rent. they have no idea what to do. they’ll be out on the street.

vincent gets a call.

it’s his dad.

he doesn’t want to talk to the man who abandoned him to live with an abusive mother, but he begs vincent to meet him. neither vincent nor teddy think this is a great idea, especially with everything going on. but vincent has always been curious about his dad, naturally. against his better judgement, he decides to hear him out.

the meeting is terribly awkward at first. vincent is angry, his dad is reticent and sort of stoic. eventually, he manages to spit out what he wants.

he offers to take the baby. he knows it can’t make up for what he’s done to vincent, but he wants to do something. he wants to give him the young adulthood that he got by abandoning him. he was in a modestly succesful local band at the time, and chose touring over his kid. now he has a steady job and house…

vincent tells him to get fucked.

but coming back to his impoverished reality… he watches an exhausted teddy try to feed a very fussy baby. he’s so frustrated. the baby is still coughing. the apartment is a mess. they have nothing to eat. he reconsiders if this is really what’s best for the baby.

a few hours in to trying to keep this secret, he breaks. he starts crying. he confesses everything to teddy. he’s on his knees crying into teddy’s lap, both of them wondering what they should do.

one night teddy is out making deliveries and to his dismay, he pulls up at penny’s house. after the initial awkward interaction of having your ex deliver your ubereats, she invites him in and they end up talking. a lot. teddy spills the whole story to her.

she gently encourages he and vincent to reconsider vincent’s dad’s offer. it seems like a good idea to have a real adult take over, especially if they’re struggling. teddy takes her words to heart.

meanwhile, vincent gets a call from louis, who is in paris with kamri, living it up. he’s horrified by the way they’re living, and tells vincent he’s stupid not to take his dad’s offer.

teddy and vincent reconvene to talk it over. vincent is angry teddy would even consider it at first, but teddy’s debate team skills make him doubt his decision. it does… kind of make sense.

and his dad does owe him, right?

he hates thinking of giving up his son. it’s everything he’s been trying to avoid.

but the baby coughs weakly.

teddy rubs his tired eyes.

vincent feels he knows what they have to do, even if it feels awful.

they end up at vincent’s dad’s house, giving up the baby.

his dad tells him he doesn’t have to be so stubborn about it - why doesn’t he stick around, he can visit whenever he wants. vincent shakes his head and says he and teddy are leaving town. he’s too ashamed to be in his son’s life if he can’t take care of him properly. unfortunately, his dad understands this feeling perfectly. the two men share a stoic goodbye. vincent and teddy say a final goodbye to the baby.

later, as teddy rests his tear-stained face sloppily against the car window, he gets an alert on his phone.

$70,000 has been deposited into his bank account. he balks. what is his dad doing?

vincent confesses. he talked to dr.bijapur. told him what they were going to do about the baby.

teddy still doesn’t understand.

vincent says he promised teddy's dad he would talk to teddy about… maybe going to college. vincent thinks he’s just too fucking smart not to. seeing him languishing in minimum wage jobs was too depressing for vincent to watch.

at first teddy is a little dismissive, insisting he wants to tough it out with vincent. he can’t leave him now, after all they’ve been through. they’re finally…. together!!

“what if… i came with you to college? what if we get an apartment near campus…?”

a few years later, teddy is pre-law at (insert good west coast school here.) vincent is working with louis and his dad in LA to become a model or an actor. (i’m pretty sure louis once mentioned his dad is in hollywood talent management??)(teddy is not thrilled vincent is seeing louis so much but vincent is so enthusiastically in love with teddy he guesses it’s ok LOL)

vincent discusses with louis and his dad that he wants to propose to teddy. louis’ dad warns him to think about what kind of image he wants in show business and if being openly gay suits this. this bothers his openly gay son louis a little bit but he doesnt say anything. (louis’ dad is the only one who he stays quiet for LOL. he really looks up to him :( )

later, vincent and teddy are alone in their apartment. teddy talks about his study group. he seems to be flourishing academically and socially. vincent mentions he’s auditioning for an action movie.

in the middle of their happy chat, vincent gets somber. he's thinking of the baby. he thinks of him often. teddy gently consoles him. they console each other.

we pan across lots of photos tacked to the wall of them doing cute couple things… finally coming to a photo of the baby* and a photo of the two of them in early high school. best friends forever!!!!

*listen i know the baby seems kind of random but he's fine he stars in his own webcomic but the author and i aren't friends anymore lmao

i was also going to do some kind of epilogue story checking in on everyone later in life. teddy and vincent get into an awkward situation where mr.lindbeck (louis' dad and vincent's manager) has vincent go back into the closet in order to star in a series of successful action movies. at first teddy wants to support vincent and makes it out to be a fun secret, but as their lives go on this arrangement becomes more grating. this little epilogue would be about him coming out publicly. (again. lol.)

however, because of vincent's fame, teddy becomes publicly known by association, and is able to become a senator or something someday. maybe even president? is that too silly? wouldn't action star vincent fawkes make a cute first husband...? ♡

louis stays friends with teddy and vincent for life. another aspect of this epilogue would be exploring louis' relationship with his dad, and how he stands up to him and helps vincent come out to the public. i enjoyed putting him in situations where he has to be serious and a good person, since he tries so hard to preserve that bad boy image, even into adulthood. he never really settles down.

kamri and penelope go girlboss and start their own fashion company and grow penelope's following as a retro fashion and body-positive influencer.

i'm extremely basic and love wedding endings, so middle-aged vincent and teddy getting married with everyone in attendance would probably have been the closer. please consider vincent and teddy from bffcomic (2011-) to be married now in this year of our lord 2022.

the end