This is a pseudo-chapter of the webcomic Best Friends Forever.

Chapter 15

Louis tells Teddy that Bianca has dropped him from the squad - while telling Bianca that Teddy quit. Both seem pleased with this fake development (Teddy feels the joke has run its course, Bianca wanted to kick Teddy off the team but is too loyal a friend.) With Teddy off the field, Vincent is left actually able to concentrate on his playing, and the Knights win a football game for once.

After the game, Vincent is congratulated by Teddy’s parents. Dr.Bijapur mentions he’s pleased that Teddy has stopped cheerleading. Vincent nervously assures Dr.B that the whole thing was just a joke, to get back at him for telling Teddy he should play a sport. Dr.B wishes Teddy would actually take that advice, but is happy that they can at least come to Vincent’s games.

Free from his cheerleading duties, Teddy fulfills his part of the bargain by having dinner with Penelope’s parents. Her parents continually compare her to her older sister, who was more of a social butterfly - they even reveal that the reason Penelope is in the student council is because they forced her to choose at least one extracurricular activity. Teddy stands up for her, saying he never would’ve guessed that, and that Penelope makes important contributions to the club.

Meanwhile, Vincent is goaded by his triumphant teammates into attending a post-game party at John & Louis’ house. Despite their best efforts, Vincent still seems out of place and moody without Teddy around. Andre expresses surprise at the fact that Vincent even came (and his increasing willingness to hang out with them in general), recounting how until Junior year, Vincent and John would get into fights nonstop.

Vincent privately remembers a particularly bad fight that he got in a lot of trouble for last year.

He had been warned about causing trouble before - it puts his scholarship at risk (John, because he’s from an important family, gets in no trouble at all.) Teddy begs Vincent to stop fighting, saying that if he gets kicked out it won’t solve anything, and that he’ll be leaving Teddy all alone again.

A year or so later, the coach remarks that because of his talents Vincent should rightfully be quarterback. But since the team doesn’t seem to trust Vincent, the coach has a lot of reservations about making him QB.

When he relays this to Teddy, he convinces him to try to be friendly with his teammates, even if it’s fake. He explains that he’d like it if he didn’t have to talk to anyone who wasn’t Vincent, but to do things like get elected president of the student council, sometimes it’s better to just put on a smile and go along with things. “At the end of the day, it’ll still be just the two of us.”

In an attempt to break the unpleasant atmosphere, Andre convinces everyone that a drunken game of Truth or Dare will be fun. Hijinks Ensue, but the game stops when Louis dares Vincent to kiss him, causing Vincent to get embarrassed and storm out of the room.

After dinner, Teddy and Penelope drive to get ice cream, and end up talking and hanging out in a park. Penelope thanks him for telling her parents she’s doing a good job in student council, and Teddy remarks that he really wouldn’t have known that she wasn’t interested in it. Penelope says that she really picked the club randomly, but Teddy has a funny way of getting everybody (even Louis!) invested in student council.

Penelope kisses Teddy, and they start getting into it. Things seems to be going alright, but when Penelope moves to unbutton Teddy’s shirt, he draws back and bails, excusing himself claiming that he has to pee.

As he makes his way to a wooded area, it’s clear that something has him feeling anxious. Without thinking, Teddy dials Vincent’s number.

While it’s ringing, Teddy thinks back to their summer trip.

The first night they got to his California house, they ran right down to the private beach, just to see it. Grinning wildly, Vincent began to strip down to his underwear.


"What are you doing!?"


"Come on, let's swim!"

Teddy laughs, but doesn’t move.


"Vincent, I have to go get my swimsuit, I can't just--"

Vincent makes a face.


"Teddy... you know I'm not gonna make fun of you, right?"


"I know you wouldn't, I just... I'm not..."


"It's just you and me, dude."

Teddy pauses, and then goes to unbutton his shirt.

It takes him a little while, but eventually he reaches the last button. He hesitates for a long time before sliding the fabric over his shoulder, so Vincent strides over, bending down to Teddy’s eye level.

Suddenly Teddy is halfway down the beach, shedding his pants as he runs, and yelling for Vincent to get in the water.


"Hey man... are you okay...?"


".................Sorry, I called you by accident."


"Oh. Okay, talk to you later."

Vincent has made his way onto a secluded balcony at John and Louis’ house, and drinks alone. Louis finds him, and antagonizes him for running out like a baby.

An increasingly drunk & frustrated Vincent tells Louis to leave him alone, but Louis doesn’t listen - he jokes that maybe now that nobody is looking, Vincent can fulfill his dare.


"Get away from me."

Teddy still has yet to go back to the picnic table where Penelope is waiting, and waits in the woods, trying to calm himself.

He gets a phonecall. It’s Penelope, asking if he’s alright - she has a feeling something’s up. Teddy tries to avoid the subject, saying that he’ll just come back soon, but Penelope tells him to stay on the line. She explains that for somebody like her, who prefers to socialize over the internet, it’s a lot easier to say things that are difficult to say when she’s not face to face, and maybe Teddy should try it.

Gathering his courage, he tells her that he doesn’t like to take his shirt off because he feels like he’s “too skinny”. Penelope tells him that she thinks he’s cute, and that she likes skinny guys, but Teddy reiterates that he feels disgusting. Penelope tells him that he doesn’t have to undress if he doesn’t want to.

Trying to make him feel comfortable, she confesses that it’s her first time too. Teddy is surprised since she came on “so strong” when they first made their arrangement! She laughs and says she’s only ever done things over the phone because of her long-distance relationship - so even though it’s easy for her to talk about, she’s a little nervous too. She reassures him that they can just take things slow and have fun.

She suddenly hangs up, and Teddy is confused - until she grabs his hand. She had snuck up on him while they were talking. They kiss.